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The average cost of a bad hire is 30% of that hire’s annual salary. A single bad hire costs companies an average of $14,900.

Combine that with the cost of a mediocre hiring process. You could lose your company.

Here’s the catch: most essential skills can be taught, but innate values?

It is harder to find people with good values.

Yet, we’re busy scanning resumes for skill matches and doing the routine because of the hiring pressure.

But then, how do you even get to smart people with values?

  1. Reconnect with brilliant colleagues from the past. Hire them.
  2. Or seek recommendations from whom they think are great.
  3. The mission can inspire and attract people. Share your company’s mission and vision widely.
  4. Always have an eye out for potential hires, even when there isn’t an immediate vacancy.
  5. Catch them young. Engage with students by allocating resources for talks and workshops at educational institutions.

How do you hire at speed without compromising on intellect and values?

  1. Collaborate with recruiting firms, emphasizing your unique blend of skill and value priorities.
  2. Empower every team member to be an ambassador for your brand, scouting for talent that aligns with your ethos.
  3. Once you’ve spotted a promising candidate, act swiftly with an offer.

Over to you. How will you shape the future of your hiring journey? I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

15+ Years strategising and delivering growth, engineering, customer value and more. I have served as a CTO to multiple organizations, including Vamstar, AtruHelp, Billaway, SuperSehat, and more.

If you're a founder or CEO eager to move faster and seek tailored strategies for your unique challenges, don't navigate this journey alone. Reach out to me. Together, we can dissect, refine, and optimize your enterprise's trajectory to withstand the tests of time and innovation. Let's make your vision not just a goal, but an impending reality.

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