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Vishesh Duggar

CTO Software @vamstar. 15 years in tech. Entrepreneurial with a keen interest in product development and usability. Interested in working on high impact ideas.

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Vishesh Duggar

Helped architect solutions for companies like Oura Health,, NthJen and more. With close to 15 years in tech; scaling web, mobile and tech products.

Currently building Vamstar a data science platform in health and pharma.

Deep understanding of the US, European and the Indian consumer/patient needs, health/privacy regulations, and user experience challenges.

Expertise in health tracking, telemedicine, wearables, health systems integration, research software for health and pharma and more.

Architected solutions using technologies but not limited to: Node, Serverless, AWS Lambda, CloudFormation, Grails, Groovy, Java, Spring, React, ReactNative, Cordova, Python and more.

Specialties: Healthtech, software architecture, product design, web development, mobile development and intelligent systems.

Send me an in-mail if I can help you in any way.