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CTO Software @vamstar. 15 years in tech. Entrepreneurial with a keen interest in product development and usability. Interested in working on high impact ideas.

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We’ve been using Grails for over 6 years now. It is an amazing framework built on solid foundations and allows us to build massive systems at a very fast pace.

I had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Brown the founder of Grails and Steve Bowman from OCI. They asked me if I had any inputs to improve the community experience.

Few key things that I can think of within the eco-system that could be tweaked:

College and Universities

College students need to be able to experiment with the technology more easily. Early adoption of the technology is key to its proliferation. Young developers get into PHP, Ruby, Python etc initially because these technologies have been around and ubiquitous. We need to promote other dev tools and platforms like Gradle, Heroku, OpenShift etc and make them as ubiquitous.

Grails has a large eco-system now but making it as popular as ROR or PHP on college campuses would need a bit of an effort.

Community members perhaps need to present tech talks like:

  1. Build your final year project in Grails
  2. Prototyping your application faster with grails

Creative Commons Material

Introductory material like slides for community members to present at colleges and user groups. These could be Creative Commons licensed.

Reddit or similar community

Curated list of great blogs that the community could subscribe to. There are a lot of contributors already making contributions to channels like Reddit and Stackoverflow. But a little more encouragement might help.


Tying up with computer education institutes to provide coursework and training. Maybe adding a certification for both student and a tutor to become an OCI certified Grails student/tutors.


Possibly allowing users to request jumpstarting a defunct plug-in if there are enough requests then seeking someone from the community to revive it.


The conference might be a great avenue to actually recognize community members and contributors. This might further fuel them to make a bigger impact.

If you are looking to contribute towards Grails, click here. If you are looking for work in Grails or Groovy, reach us at

Would love to hear if you have suggestions to help Grails make a bigger impact as comments.

Close to 15 years in tech; I've served as a CTO and advisor to multiple organizations. Brought close to 20 products to market. As a founding member of multiple organizations I've done everything from tech to stratgey, sales, marketing, hiring, accounting and more. Experience in a variety of technologies including but not limited to AWS, Node, React, Serverless, ElasticSearch, Groovy, Java, Typescript, Angular, Grails, PHP, Drupal, Wordpress.

Always interested in looking at new tech, strategy and ways I can add value to organizations.

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