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5x founder. Co-founder & CTO Product @vamstar. 15+ years building and advising startups of all sizes. If you're building something cool, I'd love to hear about it.

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12 years ago, my CEO asked me what if I got hit by a bus.

I smiled, first thinking he was joking. And then I realised he was serious. But I couldn’t stop smiling.

The stoic in me today would have said, “Well, I’ll be dead most likely”.

I assured him the codebase and architecture are well documented. All he has to do is spend 5X to find someone as good as me.

He was happy to hear about the documentation.

Business continuity is not something you want to forget.

15+ Years strategising and delivering growth, engineering, customer value and more. I have served as a CTO to multiple organizations, including Vamstar, AtruHelp, Billaway, SuperSehat, and more.

If you're a founder or CEO eager to move faster and seek tailored strategies for your unique challenges, don't navigate this journey alone. Reach out to me. Together, we can dissect, refine, and optimize your enterprise's trajectory to withstand the tests of time and innovation. Let's make your vision not just a goal, but an impending reality.

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