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Vishesh Duggar

CTO Software @vamstar. 15 years in tech. Entrepreneurial with a keen interest in product development and usability. Interested in working on high impact ideas.

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Awesome analytical skills and passion for solving complex problems are actually not that common in developers. Instead of looking out for these people, focus on what they look for.

Why should they join?

Developers are humans as much as the world would like to deny it; that is the truth. They are not code monkeys born to implement business requirements. They have their passions and as an organization when their passion aligns with yours; you will have an easier time attracting top talent.

Seek answers to this question.


Try using a technology that has a passionate community, as your core technology.

If you end up using a technology that has a smaller community but is really great. Take time to contribute in building the community for it. Contributions can range from code, documentation, evangelism and more.

New tech experiments and avoid grunt work

Developers dread monotonous work. What they really crave for is a bit of autonomy and opportunity to learn new technology. Provide an environment where they could experiment.

Most awesome developers don’t like grunt work; build a culture where you build or use tools to eliminate grunt. A culture of continuous improvement at its core. Do things like improving dev-ops, side projects that are aligned with your organization’s mission.

We love technology and are passionate about solving problems. Our focus is to always be improving things around us. If that is what makes you tick and you want to work with us, email us at

Close to 15 years in tech; I've served as a CTO and advisor to multiple organizations. Brought close to 20 products to market. As a founding member of multiple organizations I've done everything from tech to stratgey, sales, marketing, hiring, accounting and more. Experience in a variety of technologies including but not limited to AWS, Node, React, Serverless, ElasticSearch, Groovy, Java, Typescript, Angular, Grails, PHP, Drupal, Wordpress.

Always interested in looking at new tech, strategy and ways I can add value to organizations.

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