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Vishesh Duggar

Founder @ CauseCode. Startup tech guy with a keen interest in product development and usability. Interested in working on high impact ideas.

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1. Exceeding expectations and attention to detail

Exceeding expectations and attention to detail are a huge part of our culture. We look for candidates who’ve done the same in the past positions, resume and during the interview.

2. Have they taught themselves things?

“A” players are great self learners, they love doing things that they have never done before and are way beyond their years.

3. Their work and resume speaks for them

They don’t have to sell their achievements too hard.

4. Have the self belief and humility

They are not cocky but their answers convey a level of self belief.

5. They know what they want

They have a pretty good idea of why they are interested in the position and the organization.

6. They are eager to work for it

During an interview you will see them trying to arrive at a solution instead of reluctance to answer.

7. Do they have something new to learn?

“A” players love new challenges and they will seek positions that provide them with ample challenging opportunities.

We look for roughly 70% - 30% split. Where they have 30% of the responsibilities or skills that they’ve never done before or used.

8. Have they been promoted in their previous role

Have they been promoted in their previous organization. People getting promoted within the organization is a stronger signal of them being an “A” player compared to people who only get promoted when they happen to switch jobs.

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