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Founder @ CauseCode. Startup tech guy with a keen interest in product development and usability. Interested in working on high impact ideas.

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It is challenging for sure. Okay, so I’ve been procrastinating about creating a blog for almost 3 years now. I think I do have free time but the energy level to put something up has been never as big as it is now. In Barney’s words, “Challenge accepted!”.

It definitely will take a lot of descipline and work but needless to say it is doable. Here is an article that points to key things you can do to write even when you have little time. But make sure you write about things you are passionate about and excite you. That really is the secret sauce for getting people to read it.

Why blogging is important specially for startups?

I think people want to know who you are, who they are actually buying from. Service industry is fiercely competitive. Look at us, we are product development company with a gazillion companies offering similar services but there are things that make us unique and there might be people who really would like to work with a bunch like us. How would they know if we are that bunch if we don’t put ourselves out there :).

1. People care about the “why” you are around

I came across this video from Simon Sinek a few years ago and it was great to see the codified version of how you build a great organizations. As an organization you need to know “why” you are doing what you are doing. The “how” and the “what” are really important but they should be driven by “why”.

The “why” should be pretty evident to people looking at you from the outside and a blog can be a great place where people can see that.

For me it is important to remember the “why”, that keeps me going, even at times when it is difficult to do so. Things like the ‘joy to see your code in action’, ‘amazing the user’, ‘exceeding expectations of people I work with’ and ‘tackling challenging problems’ have been some of the things that make us a happy bunch.

2.Sharing your experiences / Giving back

Like most people I am online a lot, a big chunk is me reading about other experiences people have had building a startup, coding and what not. It has been a huge help learning from those experiences and that was only possible because they shared.

3.Inbound marketing

Not a whole lot of people would be searching for “Vishesh” but there might be people who might search for “Why blogging is important for startups?”. If I publish this article that probably will get them to me. Now if you have a 100 posts published, there are potentially hundreds of search terms for which your blog might show up on a search endine and lead to you [1].

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