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CTO Software @vamstar. 15 years in tech. Entrepreneurial with a keen interest in product development and usability. Interested in working on high impact ideas.

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I’m not gonna talk about what the different types of dependencies.

If there is a dependency that is a library that you are using to build another library. For example you are building a new ORM that required mongoose As a dependency. Now if the installing app that is using any of the mongoose API directly then they are going to be installing the mongoose library themselves together with your library which will also bring in the mongoose dependency. Most cases this is not an issue but if npm Is not able to resolve the dependency conflict then you might end up with issues arising from conflicting versions of mongoose.

The fixe os to simply in your ORM define mongoose as a peer dependency. But how do you make sure that mongoose actually gets resolved while developing and testing your ORM.

It’s pretty straightforward in your package.json

peerDependencies {
  mongoose: "^5.9.7"

devDependencies {
  mongoose: "5.9.7"

So add it also as a dev dependency. Tedious yes, could be simpler probably.

Close to 15 years in tech; I've served as a CTO and advisor to multiple organizations. Brought close to 20 products to market. As a founding member of multiple organizations I've done everything from tech to stratgey, sales, marketing, hiring, accounting and more. Experience in a variety of technologies including but not limited to AWS, Node, React, Serverless, ElasticSearch, Groovy, Java, Typescript, Angular, Grails, PHP, Drupal, Wordpress.

Always interested in looking at new tech, strategy and ways I can add value to organizations.

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