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Vishesh Duggar

Founder @ CauseCode. Startup tech guy with a keen interest in product development and usability. Interested in working on high impact ideas.

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Throw away your to-do list

I just love tweaking how I deal with my productivity levels. It's probably not good for productivity :) ... In the past, I’ve run many experiments like waki...



Here's how we hire "A" players

Exceeding expectations and attention to detail are a huge part of our culture. We look for candidates who've done the same in the past positions, resume and ...


How to attract top tech talent

Awesome analytical skills and passion for solving complex problems are actually not that common in developers. Instead of looking out for these people, focus...

Grails 3 - Making a bigger impact

We’ve been using Grails for over 6 years now. It is an amazing framework built on solid foundations and allows us to build massive systems at a very fast pace.

Node live - Bengaluru

The node event at Wipro Bengaluru sucked, is an understatement. With presenters not showing on time; to some not showing up at all.


Why Spring Security ACLs?

[Spring Security ACL]( makes it much easier to implement object level permissions and maintaining access control...