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Been playing with typegoose lately. The library has it’s quirks including this weird issue of queries stalling.

There are a couple of open issues highlighting the issue as I write this. For all methods like find, findOne etc the execution was simply stuck at the method call.

Essentially the problem is tha typgoose ships with mongoose as a strict dependency and expects you to pass your instance of mongoose or mongoose connection as an argument to getModelForClass.

I ended up doing that but it took forever to debug because the connection I passed wasn’t active. To make things easier to debug I wrote a small wrapper around getModelForClass.

import { Typegoose } from 'typegoose';
import { Database } from '@config/database';
import { log } from '@config/logger';

export async function getModel<T extends Typegoose>(Clazz: new (...args: any) => T) {
  const connection = await new Database().connect();

  if (connection.readyState !== 1) {
    throw new Error(`Can't get model as the database connection is not active.`);

  const Model = new Clazz().getModelForClass(Clazz, {
    existingConnection: connection,
    schemaOptions: {
      timestamps: true,

  return Model;

Typegoose is a quirky and some of that comes from the limitations of typescript reflection system itself. Hope this was of help.

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